Eduardo Esteban Charpentier Herrera (panamanian musician , composer , educator ) was born in Panama City on September 2 , 1904. Died on July 28, 1992 . Was guided by the ways of art by his mother. He studied music in Panama under the direction of maestro Narciso Garay, specializing in flute. He appeared as guest conductor with the Symphony Orchestra of Panama , of which he was a founding member (1941). As a soloist , he performed with the Symphonic Orchestra of Panama under the direction of Professors Herbert Castro and Kurt Pahlen and the National Conservatory Orchestra under the direction of Professor Alexander Feinland . Directs the Republican Band (1950-1969) after checking their suitability through a contest where they were selected by the Ministry of Government and Justice , in the character of jurors, Mr. Alfredo de Saint Malo, Director of the National Conservatory of Music and Declamation Herbert de Castro , Director of the National Symphony Orchestra , Alexander Feinland , Director of the National Conservatory Orchestra , Walter Myers, former secretary of the Conservatory and Damian Carles , professor of the Conservatory. Among many awards and medals the Order of Vasco Nunez de Balboa granted by the Panamanian government was the most important . He was handed the symbolic key to the city and was declared Meritorious Son of the Capital City , by the Municipal Council of Panama in 1967. Besides flute Honorary Diploma awarded by the National Institute of Culture and Sports , through the National Conservatory of Music , having contributed significantly in the field of music (1971). Books: The Republican Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra of Panama where reaffirms the prestige and value of both Panamanian institutions . Recorded, with the Republican Banda, in phonograph records , the National Anthem of Panama . Among his compositions include a large number of military marches fantasies all written for wind band and about twenty school hymns. They add to this list lots of hallways and Pasillos and Dances recorded in Panamanian Pasillos CD series.


Eduardo Charpentier Herrera