Who We Are?//

" Our main objective is to rescue, maintain and promote the musical panamanian culture " ...

... through specific cultural and commercial events managing the following 




  1. Music CD, DVD and Digital Production..

  2. Musical Events, Programs and Concerts Coordination.

  3. Several Music and Cultural Contests Organization.

  4. Press and Media Cultural Promotion.

  5. Digital Social Media Networking and Content Generation..

  6. Local and International Sheet Music and Books Publication.

  7. Goverment, NGO and Private Sponsorship Sourcing..

  8. Commercial, Sales and Distribution.

  9. Artist and Music Band Agent. 

  10. Project Funding Management and Execution.

Charpentier Family//


Since 1904 the Charpentier family has been part of the musical history of Panama posing as a musical cultural institution in the country. The path starts with Maestro Eduardo Charpentier Herrera, former head of the Republican Band , co-founder of the National Conservatory of Music and the National Symphony Orchestra , who educate their children and grandchildren with these musical values applying them in different instruments. Notable for its formation and trajectory his firstborn son, Maestro Eduardo Charpentier de Castro, was also founder member of the National Symphony Orchestra and one of its most famous directors . Besides the direction , both masters of Panamanian music has to theirs credit an extensive work of various songs for soloists, chamber orchestra and symphony orchestra . Another highlight is the folklorist daughter Elia Edith Charpentier, First Lady of the National Dress "La Pollera" Margarita Escala Contest , who along with his father , his brother Osmand Charpentier Gomez and other panamanian music teachers recorded in 1978 the first musical series "Panamanians Pasillos" an European Waltz type of dance with tropical latin flavor played by Camera Orchestra. Many years later the 3rd generation , the grandchildren , having received this heritage, continue the steps in this cultural enterprise of cultural management . In 2000 , Osmand E. Charpentier Santamaria decided to remaster and re-launch Panamanians Pasillos in 3 CDs, which enjoyed great acceptance and with an immense effort his brother Stashell Charpentier Santamaria get dedicated to the concerts , operas , operettas and cultural events organization at theaters, churches and parks of San Felipe neighborhood, popularly known as Casco Viejo in cultural working with with Cafe de Asís, Bolivar Project, Ripieno Cameratta and Freres Charpentier organizations. Also Stashell Charpentier founded the once renouned Isthmian Youth Symphony Orchestra. In the year 2012, again Osmand Santamaria E. Charpentier , with his uncles Maestro Charpentier de Castro and Rommel Charpentier, decided to found the company Charpentier, S.A. Music and Culture of Panama , and continue in this way the cultural work that has characterized this family through the Panama musical history.


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